Teaching Assistants

Elham Etemad

I am a PhD student in computer science. My area of expertise is Computer Vision. I am familiar with C, C++, and Matlab very well and I have basic knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Python, and R. I have a strong background in fundamental courses of Computer Science.

Raphael Bronfman-Nadas

Yaser Alkayale

University Innovation Fellow, co-president of the Dalhousie Entrepreneurship Society and president of the Syrian Student Society at Dalhousie. Love talking to students, let me know whenever you need help!

Sima Sharifirad

I am PhD student in institute of big data analytics, doing Natural Language Processing as my main research, i am working with python and i am familiar with Java.

Damien Robichaud

I'm a third-year student in Computer Science with a large interest in the fundamentals as well as the low-level aspects of computing. Experienced with C/C++, Java, and Assembly.

Mukhtar Alhejji

Mohammad Etemad

I am an MCS student. My background is Software engineering. I can help you with most of the courses. My favorite topics are Database and Java. if you like to know more about me just go to my LinkedIn that I have uploaded very detailed information about myself. here

Tien Phan

I am a Master student. I am interested in information security.

Zhiyuan Zhang

Third year Computer Science and Math student, explaning everything in a mathematical way (no, just kiding, still in cs ways :) )

Brent Crane

I'm a CS undergrad at Dalhousie.

Amir Abbasnejad

I'm an MCS student interested in algorithms and computer vision. I can help with C and Java.

Zehao Ba

Kenneth Power

I'm a 3rd year CS honors student at Dalhousie!

Seyd Razavi-Lopez

Sarah Abarbanel

Hi Folks! I like Android Development and doing my laundry. I'm a TA for CS3, and I love to get down with Discrete. Those are just my favorites, you can ask about any my tutorable courses.

Ivana Kutesa

Open and friendly, loves to talk about anything interesting!

Miria R

I'm a PhD candidate and my area of interest is bioinformatics.

Guanying Zhao

A fourth-year and tactful student.

Harvey Wang

I'm an undergrad student in computer science and physics. I'm experienced in Java, C, and Python. My favourite language is Swift because you can use emojis as variable names.

Trishla Shah

I am Trishla Shah - a PhD student in Computer Science. My current research is in Network Security. My specific interests are Cryptography, Core Networks, Attack vectors, Programming etc.

Saurabh Singh